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Timing belts are used to precisely time the top half of the engine with the bottom half. If the belt breaks your lucky if the only thing that happens is the engine shuts off immediately. Those unlucky will be replacing at least the top part called the cylinder head. Most cars with four cylinder engines have them. V8 and 6 cylinder engines usually don't. You would be doing yourself a favor to know if your car has one and if it does then when was it changed. If you don't know when it was replaced then get it done just to be on the safe side. Most manufacturers today recommend replacing the belt at every 60,000 miles and I also recommend this because I have seen them break at just a little over this. Also, since timing belts are made of rubber I would replace them every 5 years if you don't do that much mileage.

Again thanks for your time,
Jon Grenon

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