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Q: I have a 1997 Toyota Avalon with a little more than 70,000 miles on it. I was sent a flyer from my dealer saying I may need 'timing belt replacement' for $299.95. Is it due and is the price they want to high??

A: Most the dealers have so much overhead it drives their prices well above the market price. I think most people get their work done at dealerships out of two false assumptions:
1) The warranty will be voided,
2) The work will be substandard.
I would get some estimates from several shops in the area. Then choose the cleanest most professional of those. Sometimes dealerships will set the price on some work much lower than their standard rate. I can recall a friend who showed me his invoice and after all the hoopla of coupons and early bird discounts and everything was added up he paid about double what I would have charged and what I think most other shops would have charged. And, I would say it is time to change the belt and I also think the price is to high.

Again thanks for your time,
Jon Grenon

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